Design Technology Trends and their application in Live Performance

Join Lighting Designer John Rayment as he talks about the experiences, lessons and application of wysiwyg and BlackTrax in live performances.

Webinar by John Rayment
Wednesday, July 29th, 2020
6:00am EDT / 11:00am BST / 8:00pm AEST

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Design Technology Trends and their application in Live Performance

By John Rayment  |  Webinar on July 29th, 2020 | 6am EDT/11am BST/8pm AEST

Join Lighting Designer John Rayment as he talks about the experiences, the lessons and the actual application of technologies in live performances. Rayment first used wysiwyg to previsualise the Sydney 2000 Olympic Ceremonies. At the time, the technology was in it’s infancy. CAST sent one of their team to Australia to specifically write code as we went along! Rayment has journeyed with technology from theatre to opera and sports stadia and arenas. Along the way, BlackTrax entered the mix…

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How to enhance the festival experience with real-time tracking

By Lucid Technologies   |   Webinar on July 15th, 2020

Built to be memorable, festival sets are often challenging due to factors such as time constraints and more. In this webinar, tracking experts from BlackTrax and Lucid Technologies (Managing Director Klean Dalton and Projects Director Ashley Ball) discuss their experiences integrating BlackTrax with lighting and onstage generative graphics to create stunning festival sets.

Generative Media and Lighting for Theatrical Productions

By Alex Oliszewski   |   Webinar on May 20th, 2020

Having used BlackTrax at Ohio State University’s production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, this webinar will be hosted by the OSU Department of Theatre’s Assistant Professor of Media Design, Alex Oliszewski. The webinar will demonstrate how to integrate automation seamlessly into your design process.

Gamification in Live Events – Explore the Growing Possibilities

By Dekkar Densham   |   Webinar on April 28th, 2020

Dekkar Densham, a BlackTrax Specialist and avid game-lover, takes you through an interactive discussion on the overlapping tracking applications for gamification and live entertainment. From the PacMan Super Bowl Commerical to Nike Rise 2.0, we discover what applications/logic are opened up thanks to the inclusion of BlackTrax. We will dive briefly into how tracking is being used today for these elements, and how BlackTrax brings these applications to the next level.

How do you projection map onto a 50-foot moving Falcon?

By Dekkar Densham and XiteLabs Team   |   Webinar on April 21st, 2020

Led by BlackTrax Sales Specialist Dekkar Densham, the XiteLabs Mighty Falcon BlackTrax Webinar will cover the design, creation, system development and live integration of a 50-foot BlackTrax-tracked Falcon creature that XiteLabs puppeted live and projection mapped in front of a 1000-foot screen in the Middle East in November of 2019. A total of 53 BlackTrax Stringers and 20 BlackTrax cameras/Sensors attached to a massive puppet operated by 24 performers in an ancient outdoor environment posed unique challenges! It took an experienced and unique team comprised of designers, engineers, fabricators, animators, programmers and technical directors to make it happen, and XiteLabs was prepared, having produced other complex one-off stage creations.

Making Life Easier On The Road; Walking With Dinosaurs Travelling with BlackTrax

By Ashley Simper   |   Webinar on August 7th, 2019

Join Ashley Simper, BlackTrax engineer for the ‘Walking With Dinosaurs’ European tour, as he walks you through the fundamentals of a BlackTrax system. How on earth do you motion-track extinct creatures? Lighting huge dinosaurs for maximum impact is not easy. Yet, lighting is what drives tension and awe. Whether it’s time to thrill the audience or amaze them, lighting plays a huge role and tracking is key to keeping lighting on-target, anytime, in real-time. In this webinar, Simper will explain the benefits of BlackTrax to productions, as well as how his transition from being a touring lighting technician to becoming a BlackTrax technician means there is no going back.

Does automation improve productions?

By Marty Cochrane   |   Webinar on July 10th, 2019

Hosted by BlackTrax Product Manager Marty Cochrane, this webinar will cover an introduction to BlackTrax, explaining the various system components and how they interface together. We will discuss some of the key features and advantages of BlackTrax and look at how it has been used in existing shows.

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