Solotech Waveform & BlackTrax eSports Demo

From September 14 to 16, at ACS Productions / Sony Sound Stage in Toronto, guests were invited to meet companies and production teams behind some of the biggest events in the gaming industry and enjoy an exclusive preview of new trends in the esports community.

Solotech and Waveform’s experts presented an array of services available for esports, including solutions for large-scale esports tournament production and webcasting. Guests were invited to take part in an esports tournament simulation and experience a revolutionary immersive sound system for esports including BlackTrax.

Look under the hood with Dekkar in this short video for the BlackTrax elements involved.

  • x8 BT Sensors
  • x4 Beacons
  • Integrations used: Moving Lights + L-ISA Immersive Audio System
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