MUSE Drones Tour

Interactive Projection

Tracking for Lighting

BlackTrax real-time motion tracking solution was used to track and manage three technical elements, from band members to massive drones that fly above the audience as well as for projection-based storytelling to create visuals and spontaneous interactivity never seen before in a live rock concert like MUSE Drones.
Producer: Oli Metcalfe Design Ltd
Media and content by Moment Factory
Lighting Designer: Oli Metcalfe
Moment Factory’s Chief of Innovation:
Dominic Audet
Tracking Details
1 BlackTrax system with 38 BlackTrax cameras
Tracking and Media Projection
Interactive Projection created with BlackTrax and Barco’s XPR media servers, which manage content across twelve Barco HDF-W30 FLEX projectors. The tracking system includes 14 drone trackables and 3 artist trackables.
BlackTrax Tracking for lighting
24 Mac Viper Air FX, and 6 Clay Paky Mythos lighting fixtures
BlackTrax Custom Tracking
The Flying Drones is piloted by the Dutch company Path65 and their proprietary motion control system, remotely controls the drones through a predesigned flight path. BlackTrax is used to send the drones positional data in real-time to Path65’s controller system and warns it in case a wind gust moves the drones away from the flight path or if there is a potential risk of collision.
Marco Borsato’s Symphonica in Rosso
NAS Sports Tournament 2015 Opening Ceremony