Launch presentation of Maasvlakte II Terminal

On an unprecedented size and scale, the launch presentation of Maasvlakte II Terminal, Rotterdam in April 2015 ushered in a new era in port operations at APM Terminals with a little help from BlackTrax real-time motion tracking solution from CAST BlackTrax Ltd
Creative Director: Menno Broere
Tracking Details
1 BlackTrax system, 6 tracking beacons and d3 Technologies 4×2 pro media servers
Tracking and Media Projection
BlackTrax with D3 Media server. Beacons were positioned on 6 AVGs that sent out real-time positioning data to media servers to track the display of presentation content and dance performers. With the help BlackTrax, the position of the AGV’s determined which part of the canvas was shown
Dancing with the Stars
Real-Life Pac-Man for Super Bowl