Interactive Waterfall for the Adobe Summit EMEA 2017

Watch how BAJT created an interactive waterfall for Hawthorn at Adobe Summit EMEA in conjunction with Notch – 10bit, d3 and BlackTrax!

Interactive waterfall show © Hawthorn, BAJT, Taylor Bennett at Adobe Summit EMEA 2017
Interactive Design & Engineering: BAJT
AV Supplier: Hawthorn
Agency: Taylor Bennett
Event Producer: Bimla Safka
Set Design and Construction:Clockwork Scenery
BlackTrax Supplied and Operated by: Another-Space
Realtime Content Software: NOTCH
Playback and Mapping: d3
Real-time tracking by BlackTrax, real-time generated particles by Notch, all mapped via d3 media servers to create a visually stunning interactive display.
AirStage Choreographed AirOrbs for Opening Ceremony
BlackTrax Dazzles the Beauties at Miss Nizhny Novgorod Contest