Moana Jr – Children’s Theatre of Cincinatti

BlackTrax’s BT-1 is already impacting the theater experience with a stunning debut in the enchanting production of Disney’s Moana, Jr at The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati.

Dani Lobello, Director of Production at The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati said “The BT-1 System allowed us to enhance the production in so many ways. This production was primarily lit by blacklight, emitting light in the UV spectrum, and in collaboration with Frische Marionettes, all of the characters, except Moana and Tomatoa were puppets that were designed and built to live in this blacklight world. The character of Moana was a human in the show; not painted in any blacklight, her costume was completely un-reactive, and she needed to be lit with traditional non-uv light. By using the BT-1 system, we were able to isolate the incandescent lighting to Moana and have all of the puppets remain in the UV spectrum. Moana could move throughout the stage, and we never revealed the magic that was behind the puppets (the puppeteers).

The process of working with BlackTrax was easy and smooth. The creation of the show file and the use of the system was efficient as we had very limited tech time in the venue”.

Music and Lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Opetaia Foa’i & Mark Mancina.

Book Adapted by Susan Soon He Stanton.

Music and Orchestrations Adapted and Arranged by Ian Weinberger.

Based on the 2016 Disney film Moana.

x1 BT-1 Server
x6 BT Sensors
x4 Beacons

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