BlackTrax creates aesthetics for Magic Mike Live

Magic Mike Live is a fun night of thrilling, 360-degree entertainment based on the hit movies “Magic Mike” and “Magic Mike XXL.” Created by Channing Tatum. BlackTrax can be found at the center of the action, helping to create the lighting aesthetic only found at a Magic Mike Live show. 

Magic Mike Live owns Four BlackTrax systems, used throughout the world as an integral part of every iteration of the show. Read More

Magic Mike Live is conceived and directed by Channing Tatum

Don Gilmore, International Production Manager of Magic Mike Live Worldwide

Paul Chadwick, Production and Head Electrician for Magic Mike Live Las Vegas

Philip Gladwell, Lighting Designer

Rachel O’Toole, Production Designer


All Photos by: Jerry Metellus

Magic Mike Las Vegas:
BT Sensors – 15
BT Beacons – 8

Magic Mike Berlin:
BT Sensors – 15
BT Beacons – 6

Magic Mike London:
BT Sensors – 12
BT Beacons – 6

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