AirStage Choreographed AirOrbs for Opening Ceremony

AirStage brought its amazing orbs to The Expo 2017 show opening in Astana using a total of 19 autonomous flying AirOrbs that portrayed the sun and the planets in this high-tech show production.
“The extremely lightweight helium-based construction combined with AirStage patented soft safety propellers (made with a laser sintered figure-of-eight bendable frame covered with a flexible membrane), ensured that the AirOrbs was perfectly safe to be flown over the onstage performers with absolutely no safety issues.” – AirStage, 2017
Show concept: Andree Verleger, ABC Event Production GmbH & Co. KG
Client: Star Projects, Moscow
  • 1 x helium based computer controlled “Sun” AirOrb of 2.8 meters (9 ft) with 6 BlackTrax LED markers for live video tracking whilst in flight
  • 10 x helium based computer controlled “Planet” AirOrbs in various sizes depicting the planets of the solar system with time coded interior LED lighting
  • 8 x helium based computer controlled white AirOrbs of meter (3.2 ft) with time coded interior LED lighting
  • BlackTrax tracking system with 18 tracking cameras surrounding the flying area for establishing the real time position of all AirOrbs
  • Computer controlled autonomous flight control system with a main computer that autonomously directed and processed the tracking data to then precisely guide the AirOrbs through their pre-programmed flight paths.
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