Inspiring students to become future-ready with BlackTrax

Photos courtesy of Kyle Shearer and William Wellman

Inciting curiosity about automation of lighting, media, or audio, students in the UK are leaving our recent roadshows led, by BlackTrax Specialist Tom Boucher, in awe of the creative possibilities BlackTrax offers to live event professionals. Students have been bringing their ideas to life by using CAST’s innovative technology.

When entering the workforce, two important things on a resume are industry-ready skills and hands-on experience. More than ever, exposure to BlackTrax is relevant for students looking to build careers in live events, theater, and broadcast. They learn about endless possibilities before leaving the classroom. This gives rise to a new generation of well-trained, easily employable creatives that are experienced and creatively trained to think beyond prior traditional limitations.

“Taking BlackTrax into an educational environment has introduced students to technology that they will come across in the workforce. It has given students the ability to create scenarios, ask questions and really get to grips with BlackTrax as a system and the numerous integration possibilities.” – Tom Boucher, BlackTrax Specialist

Many questions were answered, and our system was put to the test, right down to students calibrating a BlackTrax Real system themselves and learning how to get their Educational wysiwyg license. Taking what students learn in the classroom to the outside world application is what it’s all about. There’s no better way to do this than by having access to industry-standard technology.

“I really enjoyed using the BlackTrax system, I thought it was intuitive and relatively easy. I had a lot of fun playing around and doing the testing with the system. The teaching style was excellent with relevant information. Tom was open to answer all and any questions relating to my dissertation. The visit was massively beneficial, my dissertation probably would have fallen flat on its face without it!” – Jamie Lawrence, Student attending Confetti, University of Nottingham

What did the schools have to say about our BlackTrax Roadshow?

We could tell by the enthusiasm shown by students that they appreciated their time working with BlackTrax; what about the schools? We visited schools that deliver relevant programs where BlackTrax experience is beneficial who have the same goal as we do – to prepare students in advance for their career in live events, theater, and broadcast. Here is some feedback we received from The Lir Academy in Dublin.

“It was superb having BlackTrax in The Lir Academy working with our final year technical students. The training they received with Tom provided them with a huge opportunity to work with not only great industry professionals but also with top-of-the-line technology. The students taking part in the training are entering the industry with a higher level of understanding of the application of this technology in the larger industry, but also within their own practice as they go out into the professional world.” – The Lir Academy

Whether it is satisfying an individual curiosity or laying the groundwork for future BlackTrax technicians, we really enjoyed these face-to-face roadshows as much as the students and teachers. Our favourite topic is how dreams can be realized using BlackTrax and wysiwyg as the backbone of productions. The BlackTrax Roadshow tour was the perfect end to the academic year.

If you’d like more information about BlackTrax, wysiwyg, and our Educational Programs, please reach out with your questions to