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In Perfect Sync

CONVRG Camera Tracking Software allows productions to utilize PTZ cameras to autonomously follow talent and/or objects in real-time. This is thanks to it’s native connection to BlackTrax, CAST’s real-time tracking system. This creates the benefit of repeatability in your shots, promising a reliable and scripted end-product each time that is not contingent on a manual operator

Talent Tracking – Key Features

Compatible Technologies

Any PTZ Camera compatible with the NDI-HX Protocol is compatible with CONVRG & BlackTrax.

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Extended Reality (XR)

BlackTrax and CONVRG together provide you with all the data you need to enable interactive Extended Reality content, You can Integrate with a media engine of your choice (Unity, Unreal Engine, disguise, BrainStorm, Zero Density, etc). Virtual objects can be rendered in real time from the point of view of the camera, delivering lifelike landscapes and surreal effects at your command. Your tracked talent can take a walk around a hologram, or interact with dynamic virtual elements.


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