CAST Group to introduce a new tracking solution at Prolight + Sound 2023

BlackTrax BT-1 - The new compact and portable tracking system

Toronto, ON. CANADA, April 18, 2023 – CAST Group of Companies is excited to present the newest revolution in tracking technology – BlackTrax-One or BT-1 at PLS 2023. This fresh, real-time tracking solution is designed for all sorts of single-tracking integration needs, with its portability, affordability, customization options, and expandable features. 

BT-1 is a compact tracking system powerhouse re-engineered to bring big show effects and automation to smaller production budgets. It packs the same precision and control capabilities as the original BT System, in an easily portable kit, and is available at a price point within reach for most production companies.  

BT-1 improves market access to tracking technology for small to medium size projects such as corporate events, theatrical shows, television productions, concerts, VR experiences, and theme parks – just to name a few!  

“We are extremely proud of BlackTrax’ BT-1 product,” said Stuart Green, CEO of CAST Group of Companies. “It’s an exciting time for us as we branch out and create impressive versatility to suit the needs of our ever-changing industry.” 

By combining our tried, tested, and true tracking technology with impressive features like easy setup and calibration; high accuracy; low latency; prediction algorithms, and broad options for integrations – all at an affordable price point – BT-1 is sure to make a splash in entertainment production industries worldwide!  

“We are confident that our customers will be thrilled with this new product,” said Andrew Gordon, VP of Business Development at CAST Group of Companies. “It packs a powerful punch into one device making it ideal for any small space show or event.”  

For more information about BlackTrax-One Download the BT-1 product info.